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Join us now at IBAG

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Amir Gamal - Compliance Specialist

I first joined IBAG as a teller and after 3 hardworking years I was able to join the compliance department. IBAG has developed me in many ways, and it has made me a responsible person. IBAG plays a major role in my professional and social life, and cooperation between employees is the way to success at IBAG.

Amir GamalCompliance Specialist
Essam Zakaria - Revenue Assurance Assistant Manager

I always believe that people who work in an environment where their best efforts are recognized have a greater chance of feeling good with their work. That's exactly how I felt since joining the IBAG team in 2009.

Essam ZakariaRevenue Assurance Assistant Manager
Hend Youssry - Accountant

IBAG is like a family to me, we all treat each other like we are one family. In 2019 I joined IBAG as a teller and I was able to work hard and made my way through as an administrative assistant. I truly believe in IBAG and it is the place that I wish to continue growing in and be a part of the company’s growth.

Hend YoussryAccountant
Ansam Abdel Hamid - Budgeting Planning Assistant Manager

IBAG is more than just a workplace; it is also like a school and second home that promotes respect, responsibility, honesty, cooperation, trust, and excellence. There are always opportunities for learning, personal growth, and making a difference in society through facing new challenges and gaining experience. IBAG has made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

Ansam Abdel HamidBudgeting Planning Assistant Manager
Mohamed Magdy - Accountant

What I love most about IBAG is that my colleagues made me feel like part of the family from day one and didn't treat me like a stranger at all. I also appreciate their constant encouragement and support, both personally and professionally, as they push me to grow.

Mohamed MagdyAccountant
Mariam Mohamed - Senior Compliance Specialist

I joined IBAG as a teller in 2019 and a year later I had the opportunity to become a Compliance Officer through internal recruitment, which helped me gain more knowledge and a variety of experiences. My colleagues were helpful and supportive, and we experienced ups and downs together which has strengthened our bond and made them like family to me.

Mariam MohamedSenior Compliance Specialist
Ahmed Fekry - Accountant

Because of my work in two departments (formerly branches and now finance), I gained a lot of experience and learned new technical and soft skills. In addition, I improved my personal abilities such as collaboration and teamwork which are among the most desired attributes at IBAG.

Ahmed FekryAccountant
Alaa Shaaban - Business Support Assistant Manager

After working at IBAG for 16 years, we have experienced both positive and challenging days. From this experience, I learned a valuable lesson about prioritizing customer needs and always striving to be customer-centric in our approach. This is just one of the many important lessons that the company has taught me. And today, I consider myself a member of IBAG’s family who will always be a part of their success.

Alaa ShaabanBusiness Support Assistant Manager
Amira Mahmoud - Business Support Supervisor

It is special to me that I am part of IBAG’s family that is driven by the spirit of cooperation and solidarity. The company's vision reinforces my confidence in their ability to achieve enduring success.

Amira MahmoudBusiness Support Supervisor
Rania Fathi - Senior Accountant

My time with IBAG has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned so much from my colleagues and superiors, and I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic organization. As I look back on my 20 years with IBAG, I am filled with gratitude for all that this company has done for me both personally and professionally.

Rania FathiSenior Accountant
Sohaila Sabry - Teller

I joined IBAG as a teller in 2022. The job has allowed me to gain experience in the financial sector. It has taught me how to deal with customers effortlessly and efficiently.
Overall, IBAG is a very nice safe work environment with very helpful and supportive colleagues.

Sohaila SabryTeller
Mohamed Gaith - District Manager

In 2014 I joined IBAG as a customer service agent and after 9 years filled with experience and knowledge, I was able to hold the position of District Manager.
I enjoy being part of IBAG’s team as my skills are always developing under such great management style.

Mohamed GaithDistrict Manager