Ethos, Mission,
Vision & Core Values




Serving our clients. Seeking our colleagues’ contentment. Aiming at the success of our partners. Connecting with our community.



IBAG aims to live up to and exceed its stakeholders’ expectations. IBAG provides its money transfer services in an innovative, inclusive, efficient, and secure manner. By embracing spirituality, virtue, and customer delight, IBAG connects with its employees, clients, shareholders and society with respect and humaneness.



Committed to becoming the customer’s premier choice for a wide-range of financial services in the MENA region and beyond. IBAG embraces customer-centricity, excellence, and innovation.


Core Values

IBAG, a customer-centric company, is a just workplace. Through spirituality, humaneness, and virtuousness, IBAG seeks to enhance returns for all its stakeholders. With a genuine belief in pluralism, equality, and the importance of connectedness among people of different creeds and backgrounds, it is guided by its core values of: servanthood, humility, accountability, trustworthiness, consultation, integrity, truthfulness, empathy, altruism, respect, and devotion.